Cambridge Pavingstones

Cambridge Pavers

Elkwood Stone & Mulch is an authorized dealer of Cambridge Pavingstones. We stock a large selection of various paver styles and colors.  


Feel free to check out our display of beautiful colors and textures to help inspire your perfect outdoor living area!


Our display was beautifully constructed by the talented team at Gardener's Palette and Mike Williams! 


We have showcased many different materials from Cambridge.  Everything is conveniently labeled for easy reference to the products.  

Newline Hardscapes

Newline Hardscapes

Elkwood Stone & Mulch is also an authorized dealer of Newline Hardscapes.

Newline Hardscapes

Stop by to see our beautiful display featuring Newline Hardscapes installed by the creative team at Garrett Enterprises and Wes Smith.

Authorized Dealer of Trex Outdoor Kitchens

Who wouldn't love this kind of outdoor living space?  We carry multiple fire pit options as well as outdoor kitchen products.